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When a couple with children divorces, one of the issues with which doubts are more frequently assailed, and discrepancies arise is establishing child support or maintenance by the mother or father who doesn’t have custody of the child or children to help them raise and that all their needs are covered. You must contact Eaton child support lawyers to get information on child support. In this article you will learn about what type of support a child receives.

What is meant by alimony?

Alimony covers much more than the food or drink of the day. It includes the education and instruction of the oblige while he is a minor and even later when he has not finished his training for reasons that are not attributable to him.

How is alimony calculated?

Alimony amount depends on the income of the person obliged to pay them and the beneficiary’s needs. In addition to the food, parents must cover the extraordinary expenses of their children.

Modification in the child pension

The amount of food can be enhanced or decreased depending on the needs of the beneficiary and increase or decrease in the financial resources of the person obliged to pay. This modification can be made through the corresponding judicial process for the modification of measures and will not be effective until the judgment is handed down.

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Upto what age should child support be paid?

As a general rule, maintenance must be maintained until the child’s economic independence is produced because he has integrated into the labor market. Although there is no general rule determining financial freedom, it is usually considered that the child of legal age has the right to receive alimony when their income from work is well below the minimum inter-professional wage.

What happens if the judgment is breached?

Suppose one of the spouses fails to comply with the sentence regarding visits, payment of food, or any other. In that case, it will be necessary t notify the judicial body so that it can adopt appropriate legal measures for the sake of its effective compliance.

 Non-payment of alimony

If the non-custodial parent didn’t pay the amount of pension, the non-custodial spouse has the power to claim it within a period of up to 5 years. To do this, he must initiate a civil proceeding for the execution of judgment to urge him to pay. If he does not do so, the judge can order the seizure of payroll or any other income available to the obligor.


This article is meant to be helpful and informative, but legal matters can be complicated and stressful. Qualified Eaton child support lawyer can address your individual legal needs, explain the law and represent you in court.